Let us handle the words, so you can handle the business

Our Elevator Pitch

As a self-running collaborating team, we are small enough to provide cost-efficient services and big enough to ensure high standards and effectiveness. Our priority is getting things done with minimal hassle for people like you – people who are immersed in doing big and important things. Regardless of the nature of your project, facing a need to reach out to your audience is just a matter of time. But crafting the right words might be a tedious task that takes time and brain juice, and it would be a waste to use yours when you have us!Hey, even supervillain Gru needs his minions! So why not have us onboard?

We have spent some time (over a decade actually) sharpening our skills with words, and TheFeather is a cumulative result of our effort and expertise. We believe that feathers symbolise simplicity, elegance, a rich legacy, timeless wisdom, and of course, the versatility of quills in the hands of wordsmiths of the past. Setting a high bar with this name comes with huge responsibility and motivates us to never stop growing. It doesn’t matter if you are a student looking to impress your professor with a typo-free essay or an ingenious soul trying to sell the Eiffel Tower once again – there’s plenty of room for us to help you with that!At the end of the day, it is that simple – we are successful when you are successful.

Nice to meet cha!

Photo of Shu Rin – team member of TheFeather

Shu Rin

Lead Writer & Co-founder of TheFeather

An agency-trained copywriter-editor with a track record of delivering results and a knack for turning ideas into engaging content. Shu Rin will ensure that all work is done with consistency and quality!

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Why choose us?

While we may not be the best in the universe, we just hope to be the best for you!

  • We understand your time is precious.

    Outsourcing your work to us means you’ll have time to focus on the big picture – growing your business. Find out more about how letting us help with your copywriting needs in the background can work for you here.

  • We promise flexibility.

    We’re always here for you, 365 days a year. So, you’ll have skilled writers who’ll always be there when need us to work some writing magic. Plus, when it comes to different requirements such as tone, styles and deadlines, we’re chameleons!

  • We’re results-driven.

    As we’ve said, we are successful when you are successful – and you have our word that we have your business goals in mind when we write, whether it’s reaching the right customers, increasing brand awareness or more.

  • We embrace the advantages tech brings us.

    We work alongside great tech tools so that we can give you our best work. From intelligent tools to productivity-enhancing software and more, we’re always looking for new ways upgrade ourselves as the world evolves.

Our Values

Nothing to shout from the rooftops about, but we thought you’d be interested to know.

Green practices

Just like you, we like our planet! We seek to minimise our impact on the environment in our work, keeping our resource use sustainable and as practical as possible. From going paperless to using renewable resources as much as we can, we strive to never forget the planet that provides us with everything we need.


We are a collective of individual professionals, free from third-party control or any kind of influence or affiliation. Such independence empowers us to offer you the purest, unbiased perspectives, ensuring that our efforts are dedicated entirely to your best interests.

A slice for charities

We are grateful for clients like you, and this gives us an opportunity to make this world a little better. As part of our commitment to make a difference, we contribute a small percentage of our profit to charities of our choice. It’s just a little something we’d like to do, to bring light to the world like you do for us.