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Words. They are the core of communication, providing you with all the power you need to resonate with your readers and listeners. We use them throughout life – at university, they make our coursework look brilliant, at work we use them to persuade clients and impress partners and investors, and at home our wise words help to nurture our future generation. Thus, here at TheFeather, we believe words are the mightiest source of magic and we aim to use their power to serve your needs.

There are so many text-related services we’re offering, we know! But they aren’t designed to confuse you – our goal is to provide greater flexibility and prioritise your specific needs. To help you better understand what we can do for you, we’ve broken down our services into categories with brief descriptions and examples. We like to think that we are quite good at understanding your needs and suggesting appropriate services for you. It’s just that knowing about them will help you see how we can be useful to you and enable you to make more informed decisions!Limited letters — unlimited possibilities.

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And on the eighth day, God created a myriad of copywriting services...

Intimidated by complexity of terms and variety of services?
Don’t worry. We speak everyday English!

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