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Content Writing

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Content writing, often simply known as writing, means creating purely informational content with no direct marketing intentions. Such content is usually meant for readers’ enjoyment or education, and they may share it with others if they find it entertaining or useful. Crafting such text requires strong writing skills and understanding of the topic and target audience, as well as excellent research abilities. In terms of SEO, content writing is a great and effective choice as it engages readers without using overt marketing tactics.

Examples of content writing services:

  • Writing blog/news articles and posts for social media
  • Writing how-to guides and tutorials
  • Writing newsletters
  • Writing messages, such as Director’s/CEO’s messages
  • Writing whitepapers and press releases
  • Writing with your brand voice (ghostwriting)
  • Writing professional bios for LinkedIn and resumes (CVs)
  • Writing custom speeches for any occasion
  • Technical writing to convey complex text in a simpler manner, for materials such as manuals, guidebooks and instructions

Content writing is relevant for:

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Blog Writer
  • Brand Journalist
  • Ghostwriter
  • Technical Writer
  • Social Media Writer
  • Email Writer
  • Freelance Writer
  • Content for SEO
  • Creative Content
  • English Writer

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